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Map Guides

Hey, I have made some birds-eye-view images of the main 4 maps. These show chokepoints, retreat / rotate routes, and basic CT setups.

The GREEN dots represent chokepoints. The BLUE dots represent the CT’s. The RED dots represent the T’s. The YELLOW lines represent the angle the CT’s should be playing. The BLUE lines represent the routes the CT’s could take when rotating.


Dust2 Positions

Key things to note here are:

– The crossfire setup at B.

-The player at Mid spotting a Catwalk push. Whilst there is no threat from Short A, the player at A-site could play closer to Long.

-Everyone except the B-site players have some space to retreat if necessary.

-No one is playing a really aggressive spot. They are, however, all very predictable positions.

Dust 2 Rotate to A

When the bomb is planted at A you will want to split your remaining players so that they all enter through different chokepoints (if you have enough time). This way, you can all enter together, and force each remaining enemy player into a 1v1. If you do not wait for your team you will be walking into a 3v1 or something, and you won’t win. If you don’t have the luxury of a few teammates to retake with you, then just try to use smokes to cut the defenders off, so you can take them one at a time.

Dust2 Rotate to B

Same thing with B. Wait outside the site until everyone is ready, then all flash in and check a spot. You need to have practiced this, or have really good communication, so that you each check different spots, and no stone is left unturned.


Train Positions

Key things to note:

-Only 1 player spotting at Lower B. As soon as he sees the feet of the T’s then he delays their rush and aims to stop the bomb being planted. Obviously if the T’s constantly rush B then play 2 on site.

-All the CT positions rely on not being flanked. As soon as the T’s rush through a chokepoint, everyone needs to know about it as otherwise they will likely get shot in the back.

Train Rotate to B

Once again, get as many different entry points as possible to keep the T’s on their toes. Always be wary of of people lurking about when you are rotating.


Nuke Positions

OK it’s pretty hard to see what positions the CT’s are playing at upper, but it doesn’t matter too much. So long as one is watching squeeky and one is watching hut.

-The outside CT is playing passive. If he is rushed then one guy playing at upper bombsite can walk round onto catwalk to help out. If you are playing de_nuke_ve then playing passive might not be such a good idea as it means they could get to lower bombsite real quick through the garage staircase.


Inferno Positions

-There is a very passive setup at B. The T’s will be able to push right to the top of Banana with no trouble. However, the CTs should be in a good position to crossfire the crap out of the Ts.

-The CT playing Library… he could feasibly play anywhere, depending on where the Ts have most success hitting.



That’s pretty much it for now. These are only rough positions for the CTs, there are loads of different spots you could play from that all cover the same chokepoint. Just mix it up when you are in a match.