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Dust2 CT Setup (with images)

CT Setup

The image above shows a CT Setup you could use on Dust2. Two players hold B, and two players hold Long. Player 3 sits in Mid and watches Catwalk. As soon as a Terrorist moves up Catwalk, or if Catwalk is smoked, or he is flashed, then he calls for one of the players at Long to rotate back to A Site. At this stage you could then probably leave only one player at B, and have the other rotate to CT Spawn, so he will be quickly available if they rush A. Obviously if the bomb is spotted at A then everyone should be rotating towards the site. The benefit of playing two long and two B is that if they do a fast rush at either of these places then you have a much greater chance of shutting them down. The player in CT Spawn can also help out if they rush Mid, and the player in Mid can also help if they rush B.

CT A Rotate

This is how you should be setup if you are expecting them to do an A split.


CT B Rotate

If they go B then one player at Long should push through doors and get into tunnels, the other should move through CT Spawn.


CT Mid Rotate

If the T’s attack Mid then you can have one player at B watch from Window to help out, also one player from Long can move to CT Spawn, whilst the other remains on Site just to make sure they do not fake plant at A.


The point of this setup is that you really don’t need two people watching Short A (usually you might play 1 guy Mid and 1 guy Short). So long as the person watching Catwalk calls quickly, then the CT’s at Long will be able to rotate in time to shut down / delay the rush. Having two players in B and one in Mid for the entire round is a bit of a waste, so the second player at B needs to make sure he rotates quickly. If they seem to be hitting A with everything they have, then you can leave B totally open, and have on guy playing Mid (whilst keeping an eye on B), whilst the other 4 move to defend bombsite A.





Dust2 Tactics (With Pictures)

OK, so this will be the first in a new set of posts that feature pretty detailed strats.


First up, a default T-side setup for de_dust2:

A Split Basic Setup

This is your default tactics for every buy round. One guy watches in Tunnels so they cannot push from there, 2 guys cover Long Doors, 1 guy watches Mid, and another guy watches Short / Catwalk. If your teams aim is solid, then if any CT’s push their positions they should get taken out. This is a basic setup, so from here you can begin to attack either bombsite, through a variety of routes. We will look at an A split first.


Step 1: Taking Catwalk and Pit

The first phase of this strat requires your team to take control of Pit and the Steps at Short A, with minimum casualties. To achieve this, work in pairs, so that one player flashes as another pushes in.  Once you have Pit / Short A then it is crucial that you do not continue to play aggressive, as the strat requires a lot of teamwork and timing to work.

A Split Step 1

As you can see, player 5 still holds back in B Tunnels. He can try to catch early rotaters, and later on he will hold the top of Mid, by Green Box, to catch any CT’s moving along Catwalk.


Step 2: Setting up to take the Bombsite

Instead of just charging ahead once you have Short and Long control, it would be more effective to lay down a few smokes, and push the site as two separate teams, from two different approaches. This really stretches the CT’s trying to defend the site. Firstly, the guys in Pit should throw a smoke up Long A, to attract the attention of any CT’s on site. They can then either slowly make their way up, stopping just before they reach the Cars, or continue to sit in Pit and blindly spam towards the bombsite, which should push the CTs onto site, so they are at less risk from being shot from Long. Now the next team smokes down to Elevator, to cover the guys at Long from anyone watching crossover from Mid / CT Spawn. They then stay hidden on Short A, ready to flash onto Site in the next step.

A Split Step 2

Even if there are still two CT’s on A site, their attention will be split between the two approaches, so they won’t be able to defend either angle fully. Also, player 5 has by this time moved to Green Box, so he can call if either group is going to be flanked, since he can keep an eye on both Catwalk and Long Doors.. This lurking player should not be too aggressive, and act as more of a warning system rather than an obstacle. If the CT’s move from Mid to Catwalk, then he should wait until the last minute to peek out and shoot them, as their back is turned. Then the two players on Short can quickly fall back to Catwalk and help out.


Step 3: Taking the Bombsite

The next step is for the players on Short to flash into the site, whilst the players at Long move up and kill any defenders. The players on Short could also double nade locations they expect the CT’s to be defending from. At this stage it is important to keep Elevator smoked, so that the CT’s cannot get picks from Mid.

A Split Step 3

Once players 2 & 4 have flashed the site, they should rush it as well. This presents 4 targets for the CT’s. and even if they manage to get trade kills, you can still have 3 players to defend the site after you have planted the bomb. Player 5 should still lurk in Mid, since if the remaining Terrorists know that they have an early warning system if the CT’s push from Short or Long, they can all concentrate on covering CT Spawn.


Step 4: Defending

This step is simple – make sure there is a person watching every possible entry point. Play fairly passive, and use crossfires to make the most of your numbers advantage. Never peek an enemy one on one, always wait for back up. A 2v1 is much stronger than two 1v1’s.

A Split Step 4


Final Points

They key thing here is to work as a team. Both groups of two players need to be really practiced at taking their locations, since that is what this strat relies on. Also, once they have these locations, they need to stop and wait for everyone else to get into position. Ideally everything would run very smoothly, to give the CT’s no time to rotate. But it is pretty likely that something will go wrong, so you will have to adapt depending on the situation.


Now let’s look at another strat that begins from this same default setup.

Mid to B Basic Setup

Once again, players set up like this, and watch to see if any CT’s get cocky and push. If they do, and you take them out, then your position gets a lot stronger. You could feasibly wait until you had about 45 seconds left on the clock before executing this strat, so you could make the CT’s impatient, increasing the chance that they rotate quickly and sloppily, which will be to your advantage.


Step 1: Setting up to take Mid

Mid to B Step 1


Players 2 & 4 smoke CT Spawn and Catwalk, so that you won’t get picked as easily when you are moving through Double Doors. Player 1 will be the lurker in this strat, and needs to watch for a rotate from Long and Short. Later on he will take position in Tunnels, so that the defenders in B need only worry about Mid.


Step 2: Taking Mid

Mid to B Step 2

Player 5 begins his solo take from B Tunnels. His job is to distract the CT’s in B from looking at Mid. This weakens their defence, and leaves any CT’s defending Mid quite alone. Three players in Mid flash over Doors and rush in, making sure to keep CT Spawn smoked. Player 1 begins to move into Tunnels so he can make sure they are not flanked from Catwalk.


Step 3: Taking B

Mid to B Step 3

B is flashed and naded from two different approaches. Player 5 uses his smoke as cover so he can get into the site and take platform at the same time that the three players rushing from Mid burst onto the bombsite. Player 1 continues to watch Catwalk from Lower Tunnels.


Step 4: Entering the Bombsite

It is crucial that everyone has a set place to check and clear. If you all go in and all check the same spot, then you are all vulnerable to the many other hiding places the CT’s can use. This takes practice and communication, so make sure you have that down before relying on this strat. Hopefully by pushing from two different angles, you will catch any defenders in the flank, since there are few places on the bombsite that offer cover from every approach.

Mid to B Step 4


Step 5: Defending the Bombsite

Once the bomb is planted, every approach needs to be covered. Keep a steady stream of flashes going into Mid, to delay the CT’s. Player 1 now moves up the stairs, to surprise any CT’s rotating through tunnels.


Mid to B Step 5

If you have five, or even four players left, you should be able to defend B from even 5 CT’s. It is a hard site to retake, especially when the numbers are against you. Just make sure every spot is covered, and never push out to chase down CT’s. Everyone except the lurker needs to stay in site, and ensure they have something to hide behind to avoid flashes.


OK have fun, more to follow.