Train B Rush

Train B Rush

1) The Execution (There isn’t really a Setup phase)

Player 1 – The first player down throws a smoke to cover Connector, them works on securing the Site.

Get a quick smoke over Connector to delay the CTs retaking.

Player 2 – Rushes down Lower with player 1, works on clearing the Site.

Player 3 – Rushes down Lower, plants the bomb.

Player 4 – Holds Upper, clears the Site.

Player 5 – Either helps clear the Site from Upper, or watches Ladder to catch rotators.


2) The Defence

Player 1 – Holds Lower.

From here you can help out most of the other chokepoints on the Site.

Player 2 – Holds close to CT Spawn.

Playing close like this is risky since there are a lot of angles to cover. However, if the CTs are not expecting it, you can catch them out.

Player 3 – Holds the bomb train.

A good place to defend from.

Player 4 – Holds Upper.

A good position to cover the whole site.

Player 5 – Covers Ladder.

Watch for CTs rotating through Ladder.


3) Key Points

  • Be quick rushing in and getting the bomb down. It is quite easy to defend the Site if you have enough bodies.
  • Work in teams to smoke / flash then peek to take out the pushing CTs.

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