Train A Site Push

Train A Site Push

1) The Setup

Player 1 – This player holds Ivy, but does not push up until the players at Mid are ready.

Hold Ivy. Don’t be aggressive yet.

Player 2 – Also holds Ivy.

Another angle.

Player 3 – This player is on point, covering Ladder from CTs rotating from B Site.

Stop any CTs that try and push to rotate through Ladder.

Player 4 – This player has the bomb, and waits in T Mid for a smoke. Does not peek.

Hold this angle and wait for the player at Ladder to smoke for you.

Player 5 – Pushes down Ladder, and smokes out for the player at Mid.

Go down Ladder and wait to see if any CTs push.


2) The Execution

Player 1 – Smokes the left side of Ivy, then pushes out to cover Connector.

Smoke off the left side of Ivy so you can push out.

Push out of Ivy and cover Connector.


Player 2 – Follows player 1, but covers CT Stairs.

Push out of Ivy and cover CT Stairs.

Player 3 – Remains where he is, covers Ladder from rotating CTs.

Player 4 – Once player 5 has thrown the smoke, he pushes out and smokes off Connector.

Climb halfway up the ladder and toss this smoke to cover up Connector.

Connector smoked off.

After smoking Connector, push out and scan for CTs.


Player 5 – This player smokes off T Mid, then waits for player 4 to smoke of Connector. Then they both push out and cover the players at Ivy.

Smoke of T Mid, so the player there can push out and smoke Connector for you.

Push out of Ladder room and scan for CTs.


3) The Defence

Player 1 – Continues to cover Connector.

Player 2 – Continues to cover CT Stairs.

Player 3 – Continues to cover Ladder.

Player 4 – Plants the bomb, then watches Connector.

A good spot to cover Connector from.

Player 5 – Moves up to CT Heaven and scans for CTs.

Cover the bomb from CT Heaven.


4) Key Points

  • The players at Ivy should throw their smoke at around the same time as the player at Ladder throws his. This way Connector should be smoked off whilst player 1 gets into position to cover it whilst player 4 plants the bomb.
  • All players should play defensively until the smokes are thrown, then you should hit the bomb site hard. With Ladder covered that only leaves Connector and Stairs to watch. When defending, if you are pushed just fall back into the bombsite, since there will be plenty of other Terrorists to help you out.
  • The player who is on point could always push down Lower once the bomb is planted, and rotate through Connector, flanking the CTs.



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