Inferno Aps Push

Inferno Aps Push

1) The Setup

Player 1 – Smokes Balcony and climbs into Window Room, checks both rooms + boiler. Tries to get a pick.

Player 2 – Covers CT Aps from T Aps. Backs up player 1.

Player 3 – Covers Banana so the CTs cannot push it.

Player 4 – Watches the left side of Mid. (bomb with either player 4 or player 5)

Player 5 – Watche the right side of Mid.


2) The Execution

Player 1 – Checks Corridor in Aps with player 2, then retreats to Boiler. Times flashes with the other players in Mid, then rushes out and takes A Site.

Player 2 – Checks Corridor with player 1, hopefully gets a pick, then moves up and prepares to flash out and take Pit.

Player 3 – Watches Banana exit from T Stairs. Tries to catch rotators.

Player 4 – Flashes / Nades and rushes Porch. Runs round and clears and holds Graveyard. Plants once site is secure.

Player 5 – Flashes / Nades and rushes Arch. Runs round and clears and holds Library.


3) The Defence

Player 1 – Once site is taken this player climbs back  up to Aps and covers the site from there.

Player 2 – Covers Porch from Pit.

Player 3 – If there are enough players at the Site, remains at T stairs to catch rotators. This way the Ts at the site need only worry about Arch / Library.

Player 4 – Holds Graveyard, covers Arch side.

Player 5 – Holds Library, covers Arch.


4) Key Points

  • The player at Banana must play defensively since if he gets picked the CTs might push down and from there be able to take control of Mid.
  • The player that hunts for the pick in Aps should be your best fragger since the strat depends on outnumbering the CTs at A.
  • So long as you still have the player at T stairs, defending the site with even two people should be easy.



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