Nuke Ramp Rush

Nuke Ramp Rush

1) The Setup

Player 1 – Holds Lobby, watching Squeaky.

Player 2 – Holds Lobby, watching Hut.

Player 3 – Holds Control room, watching Lobby

Player 4 – Waits 15 seconds, then smokes boxes at Ramp, then flashes into Ramp room.

Player 5 – Waits 15 seconds, then smokes round corner at Ramp, then Flashes into Ramp room.


2) The Execution

Player 1 – Smokes and flashes out of Hut into A Site, then quietly retreats to Ramp.

Player 2 – Rushes Ramp, going down to plant at B Site.

Player 3 – Rushes Ramp, going down to defend at B Site.

Player 4 – Rushes out and checks round the corner. Once the Ramp is taken, remains behind Ramp boxes to surprise any rotators.

Player 5 – Rush out and checks Hell. Pushes through and holds bottom of ladder for a few seconds, before pushing up, clearing A site, and rotating to B through vents. Defends from vents.


3) The Defence

Player 1 – Can either catch rotators by playing in Ramp room, or if numbers are low on the bombsite, defend closer to the bomb.

Player 2 – Defends from behind the tanks on Site.

Player 3 – Defends from the dark spot on Site.

Player 4 – Lurks behind Ramp Boxes.

Player 5 – Defends from Vents.


4) Key Points

  • If you delay the smokes and flashes into Ramp room by 15 seconds, you should avoid any pre-nades. Be as quiet as possible until the actual rush, so you don’t give your position / plans away.
  • If you lose 2 or more people taking the Ramp, I would advise to all push down onto the site and defend from there.
  • If you are playing the _ve version of Nuke then defending B site is a little bit different. Have someone hide in Toxic room that can cover the opposite doors.



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