Dust2 Long Push

Dust2 Long Push

1) The Setup

Player 1 – Smokes Mid, waits outside of Long.

Player 2 – Smokes Long, waits outside.

Player 3 – Waits outside Long.

Player 4 – Waits outside Long.

Player 5 – Watches Mid for CTs on the rotate.


2) The Execution

Player 1 – Flashes over, rushes Pit. Now watches towards CT Spawn.

Player 2 – Flashes towards A Site, rushes Pit. Now watches for picks on Site.

Player 3 – Rushes up Long A, checks car, flashes onto Site, plants for Long.

Player 4 – Rushes up Long A, smokes CT Spawn / Elevator, flashes onto Short A.

Player 5 – Moves up to Green Box, covers Catwalk.


3) The Defence

Player 1 – Covers Long Doors from Pit.

Player 2 – Covers Mid / CT Spawn from Long A.

Player 3 – Covers Short A from Boxes on Site.

Player 4 – Covers Short A from back of Site.

Player 5 – Covers Catwalk / Mid from Green Box.


4) Key Points

  • The Long smoke should be delayed by a few seconds to anticipate pre-nades. The rush that follows the smoke should be delayed until 3 seconds after the smoke has activated, to anticipate counter-nades.
  • The Smoke at Mid should stop Mid players rotating through Short too quickly after CTs call a Long Rush,
  • Keep the player with the bomb on the T side of Long until the rest of the team has Pit control. This is beneficial for two reasons. Firstly, it means that if the rush goes horribly wrong the bomb won’t be left in the CTs hands. Secondly, it means the CTs defending Long won’t spot the bomb, which may mean the CTs keep a player stationed at B, just in case.
  • Once you have Pit, you need to move quickly upto the Site, to get the bomb planted before the CTs can rotate.

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