Dust2 Catwalk Rush

OK, I am going to use a new format for explaining strats that will be much quicker to write. Unfortunately this means there will be no pictures except for when really necessary.

Dust2 Catwalk Rush

1) The Setup

Player 1 – Goes Upper, smokes out to B, retreats to Lower.

Player 2Smokes Mid, moves up Catwalk.

Player 3 – Follows Player 2 up Catwalk.

Player 4 – Follows Player 2 up Catwalk.

Player 5Smokes Long, retreats to Palm Tree.


2) The Execution

Player 1 – If the other players manage to take control of A Site, this player holds Catwalk from Mid. If  the other players are struggling to get site control, he pushes up Short A to help.

Player 2Flashes Short A, pushes onto site, tries to plant the bomb for Long.

Player 3HE Nades Short A, pushes onto site, smokes off Long.

Player 4HE Nades Short A, pushes onto site, smokes off CT Spawn.

Player 5 – Waits until the rest of the team are executing on Short A, then pushes into Long and tries to get Pit control.


3) The Defence

Player 1 – Covers Catwalk from Mid or Short A from Quad.

Player 2 – Covers Short A from Boxes on Site.

Player 3 – Covers Long from Site.

Player 4 – Covers Mid / CT Spawn.

Player 5 – Covers Long Doors from Pit.


4) Key Points

  • The initial smokes should cause the CTs to hesitate rotating, leaving the bombsite relatively empty.
  • This strat works best when Ts get on the bombsite and get planted quickly. Because the CTs could still have four players left to retake, it is important that the Ts do not bunch up, and to keep a steady stream of flashes and nades going into the chokepoints (Short A / CT Spawn).
  • This is a good strat for pistol rounds because due to the slow fire rate / low ammo count of most pistols, the Ts won’t be punished for grouping up at Short A. However, because everyone needs to buy a smoke grenade, and at least either a flash or a HE, your team won’t be able to afford stronger pistols.



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