Dust2 B Rush

Dust2 B Rush

1) The Setup

Player 1 – Walks into B Tunnels. Peeks to check Platform, throws smoke to cover Site, throws HE close to check for CTs outside Tunnel. Retreats back into Tunnels to avoid counter-nades.

Player 2 – Walks into B Tunnels, checks Lower.

Player 3 – Walks into B Tunnels.

Player 4 – Walks into B Tunnels.

Player 5 – Walks into B Tunnels.


2) The Execution

Player 1 – Rushes out, flashes onto Site, checks Car.

Player 2 – Rushes out onto Platform, checking Site & Platform.

Player 3 – Rushes out, flashes over wall to Mid, checks Site.

Player 4 – Rushes out, plants bomb.

Player 5 – Rushes out, retreats back into Tunnels once the site is secure.


3) The Defence

Player 1 – Holds Car, watches Window / Doors.

Player 2 – Holds Platform, watches Tunnels.

Player 3 – Holds Site, covers Window.

Player 4 – Holds Site, covers Doors.

Player 5 – Holds Upper Tunnels.


4) Key Points

  • The most important role is the 1st person into B Tunnels. They have to peek out to check platform, then retreat, then peek out and smoke off the site, then HE nade close to check for any CTs, then retreat back to avoid any counter-nades. At this point to the CTs it looks like a fake. However, after any counter-nades are thrown, the entire team rushes out of Tunnels into B Site, and thanks to the smoke and the nade they should only really have to worry about Car and Site.
  • You could also have someone flash Short from Lower, to further confuse the CTs.

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