Detailed Inferno Strats (part 1 – CT)

Previously I have just shown a few positions and good grenade spots for maps, but this will be the first post of many that shows specific strategies for a map.

First I will go through the default positions for the CT team.

B Site (Passive)

Playing far back in the site at New Box.

Peeking at Spindles.

A Site (Passive)

Playing defensively at Porch.

Playing from Graveyard.

A CT playing from Arch.

These passive positions have the benefit of a lot of cover, good angles and positions to fall back to. However, they do not allow the CTs to gather much intel. The Ts could get all the way to Balcony, or all the way up Banana, before the CTs would even know to react. Despite this, I would recommend this kind of setup initially. By combining peeking and flashing and nading your team should be able to disrupt any rushes, killing the opposition at the chokepoint that they are guarding – particularly at Mid and B Site.


B Site (Aggressive)

An aggressive position at Banana.

Playing close at Oranges.

A Site (Aggressive)

Playing close at Mid.

An Aggressive position in Aps.

Playing on the stairs by Boiler / Janitor.

The payoff with these more aggressive / forward positions is that you will now be able to spot a Mid / Aps / Banana rush a lot quicker. However, you also might get picked off, leaving your team vulnerable. Also, since these positions generally put less distance between you and the enemy, on an eco round you are more at risk because the low range damage of the Ts pistols will be more effective.

A good compromise is to have someone spotting either Mid or Banana, possibly with an AWP. I wouldn’t recommend having 2 people spotting, as if they both get picked then you will be in a 3v5, and won’t be able to defend bomb sites very well.

AWP Positions for CT

From here you can get a good guess of where the enemy are.

AWPing from Arch gives you a lot of places to fall back too.

An unusual position for an AWP, and quite at risk if a T gets close enough to rush you in Graveyard, however you do get a good view of Aps. A really good position if you have someone covering you from Site.

Another good position to AWP from. You can fall back and get support from your other team mates.


Now don’t play the same positions every round, else the Ts will get wise. Mix up playing different passive and aggressive positions. On Inferno there are loads of decent positions at both bomb sites. If you like, have a flash / peek setup at bombsite B, where one player calls a rush, the other player is already ready to throw a flash, then both players peek.

The key thing is to make sure you have every position covered, so no one can be surprised or flanked. If one of your team gets picked then you need to adjust your positions. For instance, one man can hold B quite well from Spindles, but holding A with one man is very difficult since the Terrorists can come from 3 different directions. Another thing to remember is to always try and force the enemy into 1v1’s. Clever use of angles, and only peeking round a corner a little bit at a time can achieve this, as can flashes and smokes. If your aim is good enough then you could potentially turn a 5v1 rush into five 1v1’s, and win them all. If your aim is good enough.


In the next part I will go through three basic T strats for de_inferno.












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