A Few Thoughts On de_inferno

Inferno is a very different map to play as Terrorists. The reason for this is that, excepting the apartments, it is a very open map. With just a couple of good positions the CTs can get intel on two thirds of the map, allowing them to accurately deduce where the Ts are planning to push. Because of this, it is very important for the Ts to play quite aggressive, and to spread out across the map. If they do not have anyone holding the bottom of banana, then the CTs will be able to push down and take control of the entire Mid section of the map, forcing the Ts to either try to retake control, or rely solely on Aps / Boiler for a push.

If the CTs push down Banana, they can easily take control of Mid, reducing the Ts options. Because of this, it is crucial that the Ts do not allow the CTs to push.

If the Ts do not spread out then the CTs will be able to push the locations that are quiet and will be able to deduce where the Ts are, and react accordingly.

These circles represent the likely areas that the Ts could be grouped at. If you can spot any 2 of them, then you can reason where they will be. If you have Apartment control and Mid control, then either they are somewhere weird like T-side Aps, or Alt-Mid, or they are pushing up Banana, so you know to send a rotater or two.

These next images show positions that CTs can quickly get to, and will be able to provide great intel on where the Ts are.

From here a CT can gather intel on Aps, Alt-Mid and the top of Mid.

A CT can quickly take control of the position. Whilst it is not as good for fragging, it does provide a lot more intel than if the same player was sat in Pit.

A CT could play this aggressive position at Mid, and gather intel on quite a lot of the map. If the CTs at Banana are able to see down to the T stairs, then the Ts can only be Alt-Mid or Aps.


So my advice for playing Inferno on the Terrorist side is either:

1) Have a couple of guys Banana, a couple of guys Aps and one guy watching Mid, and just try and get a few picks.

2) Just do very quick rushes either up Banana, Mid or Aps.


You can use smokes to conceal your positions, and then make a slow push onto a bombsite. However, if you leave, for example, Banana unguarded, the CTs at B can easily push down disrupt your execution.






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