A Few Dust2 CT Positions

A couple of nice spots to play from as CT on de_dust2.


Short A

An under used Short A position. There is nowhere to retreat to, however, so it is not perfect.

Long A

If you expect the T’s to push Long then you can throw a smoke down here and then use it as a makeshift wall. You can throw grenades through it, peak round it, and then retreat back into it. It will only last a few seconds but that is enough time for someone to rotate to a good position on A site.

This shows how well the smoke can cover your position.

This is what a rushing T would see.

B Site

So long as you only play this position occasionally the enemy will probably not expect you to be here. It is perhaps a little too risky of a position to play if the enemy are not ecoing, since you don’t have much chance to flash. If you buddy up with a teammate who flashes as you call a rush, then you will be able to defend the site very easily.

The wall provides a decent amount of cover, and if you have a teammate drawing the attention towards double doors or window then you might just go unnoticed.

This position is great since you can remain in cover until the enemy are right in the bombsite, then throw this flash, pop out, and mop up.

This position would work even better if you had someone playing at car. They could call for you to flash, then you both peak out and set up a crossfire.

This position is perfect for defending against an eco rush. Since you are so far back in the site their pistols will be ineffective against your rifle / awp.


Now I will show you some boosts. Boosts are when 1 player crouches down, and another player (or players) jump onto the crouching players head, and then up onto somewhere else that they could not reach without the added height of the crouching player.

Short A

This is a well known and well used boost. One CT player crouches in the corner and as many as the strat requires use him to boost onto Short A.

From the boosters pov.

The boosted CT’s can now get to Catwalk a lot faster than if they had ran around A-site. This can catch the Terrorists off guard, and is quite a good pistol round / eco round strat.

Long A

If the enemy have taken control of Long, and you have no one on site, then you can use this boost to get a man onto site very quickly.

One CT crouches in this corner, and another jumps onto his head. The crouching CT then stands up so that the player on his head can jump onto the bombsite.

This is what it looks like from the boosters pov.

Another look at the spot.

CT Spawn

Use this boost to surprise any T’s rushing Mid.

From here you should be able to pick off a couple before they even realise where you are. Probably best not to use this position every round.

You can also make the jump over to these boxes, which gives a slightly different angle, but makes it harder to fall back if pushed.





















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