Vague Dust2 Strat

Hey, I took a few screenshots to show you guys a basic setup for getting picks as Terrorists on de_dust2. When playing like this it is crucial to take it slow and always be ready to fall back. The goal here is not even to push, but to wait and see if you can catch the enemy making a mistake. Even then, you should not always try to capitalise on that mistake immediately. So imagine you are awping out of dust2 tunnels, and you get a pick because one of the CT’s there tried to push into the tunnels. Since there is only going to be, realistically, one other guy in the site, and maybe one outside holding Mid, you could likely overwhelm them if you had your 5 guys rush in. However, if after getting the pick you just wait to see how your enemy will adapt to defending with 4 men you might be given an even better opportunity. Like one of the CT’s could push out of catwalk, anticipating the need for him to rotate, and your guy watching catwalk picks him off. Now it is 3 v 5, and whatever bombsite you hit you will be able to take control of it. You could play like this until the last 40 seconds of the round and still have time to regroup, attack a site, and plant the bomb. The aim is to just take it slow and let the enemy come to you.


Here are some screenshots that show a pretty standard setup:

AWPing out of B Tunnels. Notice that the player has plenty of options to fall back since he has not pushed into that last section of tunnel. He should see most nades and flashes in time to react and avoid them.

This guy is covering the stairs so that the guy AWPing into B does not get flanked. Also provides support if he is rushed.

Watching a Catwalk push and also providing back up for the guy watching Mid.

A safer place to AWP Mid from. Can also help out if the CT’s push Catwalk.

A predictable spot to play in, but if you are quick (and don’t just stand there the entire time) you should be able to get a pick.

With the Terrorist team in these positions it is impossible for any of them to be flanked. They can all focus on just one angle, safe in the knowledge that one of their teammates has to die before they are at risk. The players in B tunnels and Long doors are most at risk of a rush, and all players must resist the temptation to push too much. If even one of the team goes down it is a good idea to regroup and start focusing on a particular angle of attack, as this reduction in numbers means at least one of your members will have to keep an eye on two places, drastically reducing his effectiveness.

This setup also gives you excellent map coverage, so you should have a good idea of what the enemy is doing where. It will also keep them on their toes, as they will either have to stay in position and be ready for anything, or venture out and look for clues as to where you might intend to hit. Players can get very antsy if they do not see/hear anything for half a round. Use this to your advantage, force them to make mistakes.

One final advantage of having your players spread out is that when you do finally decide to go for a bombsite, you can throw a few fakes to confuse any potential rotaters; delaying the Counter Terrorist’s retake efforts.



Obviously this strat really only works on a buy round. If you are deco-ing then you will need to play a lot closer. Here is a pretty basic strat for a deagle round.


1) Rush down mid, avoiding any AWPers and trying not to reveal the fact that your whole team is there (you could always send 3-4 through tunnels to lower). Then throw a smoke to block off CT Spawn.

This player throws a smoke to land infront of CT spawn (see dust2 smoke section).

2) Once the smoke is released, all players rush through double doors and up towards bombsite B.

In theory you should only have to worry about 1 guy in Mid and 2 guys at B.

3) Have one player rush in through window and clear the bombsite aswell as the back platform. The remaining players rush through the doors and check car and tunnels. Even if you only have 2 guys left you should be able to defend the site. Have one guy sit on the platform (out of site of the window) and check tunnels, whilst the other guy plays either on site or at car. Optionally you can leave one player to surprise any rotaters at Mid.

This guy could hold off a counter attack for a few precious seconds.

The biggest places this strat could fall apart are just as the T’s rush out of double doors (they could get flashed and sprayed) and as they enter B site (they could get wiped out if the enemy play well). These risks can be reduced if you are clear about where you will be checking BEFORE you enter the site, and BEFORE you rush through the doors. For things like this to have the maximum chance of working, you need to practice it.

The cost of the deagles will be recuperated if you manage to get the bomb down. The smoke grenade will be covered with a single kill, and, even if you don’t win the round, every enemy you kill is money lost for the CT’s as they have to rebuy next round.







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