Useful Console Commands

OK here is a list of console commands you can use when playing on your own server. Before trying most of these you will need to put sv_cheats 1 into the console.


For taking screenshots:

r_drawviewmodel 0 (this removes the player’s gun model)

cl_drawhud 0 (this removes the HUD)

noclip (allows you to fly around the map, through walls etc)


For playing:

give weapon_ak47 (for an AK)

give weapon_m4a1 (for m4)

give weapon_awp (for awp)

give weapon_smokegrenade (for smoke)

give weapon_flashbang (for flash)

sv_showimpacts 1 (to highlight bullet impact locations)


More as I remember them!



6 thoughts on “Useful Console Commands

  1. Ondrej pudicus Simon

    Hello there, sir, I saw a bunch of very nice map overviews on your site, would you mind telling me, how you disabled the Fade to Black, when you get high in the air using noclip console command? Does it require VHE skills? I assumed, I would have to remove the Skybox, but I was not able to do so.

    Please, be so kind and send me the reply to I would really appreciate, so I can mark tactics for my team.

  2. kozoli

    Hey, I never encountered fade to black when taking those screenshots. Are you using the _se version of the map (so, de_dust2_se)?. Also you could try playing around with your in-game graphics settings. If nothing works then I can email you my unedited copies of the maps.

  3. Ondrej pudicus Simon

    Hello there sir, I have captured a short video sequence in which I show the problem, which occurs all the time. You can view it here:

    I recorded the video on my own server. Has this ever happened to you? If not, have you altered any ingame/server settings? I would really like to know, why this happens. It is driving me crazy.

  4. kozoli


    Hmm that is odd – it has never happened to me.
    I use a local server, so
    -> play offline with bots
    -> no bots
    -> classic competitve on dust2
    -> changelevel de_dust_se
    -> sv_cheats 1, noclip

    and that works every time.

    I will upload a post with blank birds eye view maps in, so you can download them if you are still having trouble.

  5. Ondrej pudicus Simon

    Thank you, man, I tried the offline mod w/out BOTs and it worked. Not I am going to edit the maps a bit and screen the overviews for myself.


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