Spray Patterns

Here is a quick video I made to show the spray patterns of certain guns. All guns are (obviously) more accurate if you fire slower – the real task is to get used to the rhythm of each gun, so you know how many shots you can fire off, and how to time them, so that you remain accurate with the weapon. A good way to begin is to use sv_cheats 1 and sv_showimpacts 1 on your own server, and practice shooting walls at different distances and at different fire rates.


So far on CS:GO I find spraying to be a little off. In CSS one of the most satisfying achievements was flashing a group of Terrorists and being able to spray most of them down with a wild blast of your m4 (or mp5 on quieter rounds). This would result in some phenomenal 5-mans, that, although perhaps did not demonstrate as much skill as picking of a couple of enemies with long distance headshots, was a major feature of CSS frag videos, and always an ejoyable highlight in competitions. These do not seem to be as easy to accomplish on CS:GO. Also, no scoping with the AWP feels a lot harder, which is a shame as that was always a fun thing to do. It sounds like I’m whining about the game being harder, which is kind of true, but I think they definitely need to make a few adjustments to spraying, as currently it is just not an option.




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