some terms to use

eco – your team buys nothing. used to save up for a buy round.

exit kills – if the enemy team have planted the bomb and the odds are stacked against you retaking and defusing then you could just sit in a cheeky spot outside of the bomb blast radius and try and pick any Terrorists off who are escaping the bomb blast. This gives you a chance to kill some of them, ruining their economy as they will now have to buy new weapons.

lurking – similar to exit kills. if your team has planted the bomb you could hide outside of the bombsite in a spot you think the CTs will walk past enroute to the site. You can catch them by surprise and kill them before they even make it to site.

deco – your team buys deagles or perhaps p250s.

1 deag – when you 1 shot kill someone with a deagle (usually to the face)

buyup – your team buys a weapon, full armour, defuse and grenades.

clutch – a clutch is where you are the last member of your team alive, and it is up to you to win the round.

two man / three man / four man / five man – if you kill 3 people in a row it is called a three man, if you kill all five members of the enemy team it is called a five man. Pretty straight forward.

ace – another word for a give man. When you kill the entire enemy team single handedly.

pick – a pick is a kill you get by waiting to catch the enemy out of position, or by
pushing/peeking a location. If the T’s get a pick on the CT’s, it will mean the CT’s have
to adapt to defending with one less man.

peek – looking into a bombsite for a pick. risky as you could easily get picked yourself,
however the idea here is to assess where they could be, without getting shot at.

rotate – when your team knows the T’s are in a bombsite with the bomb, the remaining members must rotate towards that bombsite. the quicker they do this the more time they will have to retake the site. T’s can anticipate a rotate and ambush rotating players, or T’s
can force a rotate by faking a site, or by getting a pick.

retake – when the bomb has been planted and the CT’s need to fight their way in to defuse
it. best done by coordinating a push from several different entry points.

push – not as fast as a rush: the players make their way towards a location, trying to get

rush – a full on rush to a location, usually a bombsite. mostly tried on eco rounds as it
can enable the T’s to plant the bomb if their 5 players overwhelm the 2 or so CT’s

execute – a team executes, say, after they have been pushing towards a few different
locations and are now ready to make a quick push towards a bombsite. it is the cue for
the opposition to rotate.

play for time – when the either the bomb has been planted and is close to detonating, or
when the bomb is down and the round time is about to run out then you should play for
time. this means delaying the opposite teams advance by making use of grenades,
keeping them guessing you location, keeping them wary of advancing too quickly. it is
essential that you do not get picked, so you must be clever when you move, and make use of cover. sometimes if the bomb is down, and time is about to run out, it makes more sense (as CT) to just run away and take away the chance for the T’s to win by elimination.

bomb down – when the T carrying the bomb has been killed, and the bomb is now down on the floor, perhaps in a bombsite. the remaining CT’s could converge on the bomb and
force the T’s to attack them to get to it.

bomb planted – simply when the bomb has been planted. don’t confuse with bomb down.

fake defuse – when you suspect a T is hiding nearby, waiting to hear the defuse sound, you can fake defuse to draw them out, then kill them, then actually defuse.

fake plant – similar to the fake defuse: when you suspect a CT is hiding nearby, waiting to
hear the bomb plant sound, you can fake plant to draw them out.



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