Nuke Smoke Grenade Spots

As de_nuke is more of an inside map, there really aren’t that many clever smokes you can throw. Smokes are definitely still useful, just there aren’t many tricks to using them – if you have even a basic grasp of how to throw a smoke grenade, then you will be able to use the  environment to bounce smokes into whatever section of the map you want.  There are still a few that I will put up though.


Outside / Garage

If, as a CT, you need to smoke of Outside, then throw this grenade and it will activate by the time you reach it, allowing you to either push round to T spawn (if thats what your strat involves), or slow down any outside rush.

CT Smoke Mid Throw

CT Smoke Mid Result

On the other hand, if you are playing as T and want to smoke out the Garage so you can push outside, then throw this smoke:

T Smoke Garage Throw

T Smoke Garage Result

This will allow you to get really close to garage/ct red without being picked.



Other good smokes to throw are these two, which can be used to completely cover a ramp rush as T.

First throw this one, and let it activate

T Smoke Ramp Result

Then, carefully walk into this smoke grenade and look out across the room. You won’t be able to see anything other than some of the wall lights. You can use these to line up another smoke grenade that will block off the lower ladder room.

T Smoke Ramp 2 Throw

T Smoke Ramp 2 Result

With these two smokes down your team can now rush ramp and not worry about a couple of extra places they might get picked from. If you take control of the ramp room you can then either rush down into B site, or work you way round to A if you have good numbers.


That’s all for de_nuke. Like I said at the beginning, there is plenty of opportunity for using smokes on this map (smoking squeaky and rushing down vents, for example), however, they are so easy to set up, and are really just common sense, that I didn’t think it would be worth it to upload 20+ photos detailing exactly what position is necessary.









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