At the minute:

+$3250 when your team WINS the round

+$1400 when your team LOSES the round

+$800 team bonus if the bomb is PLANTED but DEFUSED

+$300 personal bonus for PLANTING or DEFUSING the bomb

+$300-$900 personal bonus per KILL

All SMGs give a $600 reward; all shotguns give a $900 reward; and the AWP gives a $50 reward.


2 thoughts on “Economy

  1. Kazzerax

    You get an additional $500 for losing a round, each round you lose in a row. Thus if you lost pistol round say, you’d get $1400. If you lost the next 2, you’d get $1900 and $2400, One more, $2900, then finally $3400 for losing 5 rounds in a row. This is reset as soon as you win a round, thus the origin of the term “money fucked.” Being money fucked is when you have lost several rounds in a row, and the extra money has allowed your team to finally win a round. Losing the next round, thereby resetting your lost round cash bonus is being money fucked. Also you get $3500 if your team wins via bomb explosion, so if possible it’s somewhat better to win by explosion than by elimination. Another reason to wait until the C4 explodes is that CTs who die after the bomb explodes, [and terrorists who die after the timer runs out] get no money the next round.


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