Inferno Smoke Grenade Spots

Here I will demonstrate a few smokes you can use on de_inferno. Mostly these are useful for the Terrorists pushing into the bombsites.


T’s can throw this smoke once they have pushed up Banana to block off CT Spawn, making it easier to plant the bomb and defend.

T Smoke CT from Banana Result

And CT’s can slow down a Banana rush by throwing this smoke:

Aim for the wooden shutters


Mid to A

These next 3 smokes can all be used in sequence to make a fast A rush. If timed right, and positioned correctly, the T’s should be able to push round both sides of the bombsite before the CT’s even get a look at them.

Aim parallel with the rods sticking out of the gas lamp, and about center with the window on the pink buidling.

T Smoke Mid from Spawn Result

With this smoke, you can push up to Mid, whilst 2 more of your team throw the following smokes:

Stand next to the wooden door by tunnel and aim just over the aerial.

Now you can storm pit and graveyard without getting picked.

The next smoke blocks of Library and Arch:

Aim just above the apex of this roof.

T Smoke Side from Mid Result

If thrown correctly this smoke will cover anyone peeking at Arch, and anyone camped in Library or Cubby, allowing you to focus on one spot at a time.

An Alternative to covering pit from Mid is to move through apartments and throw a smoke out of the janitor closet:

Aim for the last window.

T Smoke Pit from Janitor Result

One final smoke that the T’s could use for this push is this one, where you smoke off the window room in CT apartments:

Stand on the balcony at Alt Mid and aim for the window, keeping your crosshair level with the mountain range in the backdrop.

T Smoke Window from Alt Mid Result


CT’s Retaking A

So after T’s push A, if the CT’s are rotating through CT Spawn then they can use these smokes to make it easier to retake the bombsite:

CT Smoke Pit from Side Throw

CT Smoke Pit from Side Result


Stand in the doorway and aim just above the truck

CT Smoke Plant from Library Result

These smokes will force any T’s out of pit. If you are lucky you could try for a defuse in the smoke. Note that these smokes only work if the CT’s have control of Arch/Library. If they don’t, or if they are rotating through Mid, then they can throw the same smokes as the T’s did when rushing the site, to block of pit/arch.