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Dust2 B Rush

Dust2 B Rush

1) The Setup

Player 1 – Walks into B Tunnels. Peeks to check Platform, throws smoke to cover Site, throws HE close to check for CTs outside Tunnel. Retreats back into Tunnels to avoid counter-nades.

Player 2 – Walks into B Tunnels, checks Lower.

Player 3 – Walks into B Tunnels.

Player 4 – Walks into B Tunnels.

Player 5 – Walks into B Tunnels.


2) The Execution

Player 1 – Rushes out, flashes onto Site, checks Car.

Player 2 – Rushes out onto Platform, checking Site & Platform.

Player 3 – Rushes out, flashes over wall to Mid, checks Site.

Player 4 – Rushes out, plants bomb.

Player 5 – Rushes out, retreats back into Tunnels once the site is secure.


3) The Defence

Player 1 – Holds Car, watches Window / Doors.

Player 2 – Holds Platform, watches Tunnels.

Player 3 – Holds Site, covers Window.

Player 4 – Holds Site, covers Doors.

Player 5 – Holds Upper Tunnels.


4) Key Points

  • The most important role is the 1st person into B Tunnels. They have to peek out to check platform, then retreat, then peek out and smoke off the site, then HE nade close to check for any CTs, then retreat back to avoid any counter-nades. At this point to the CTs it looks like a fake. However, after any counter-nades are thrown, the entire team rushes out of Tunnels into B Site, and thanks to the smoke and the nade they should only really have to worry about Car and Site.
  • You could also have someone flash Short from Lower, to further confuse the CTs.

Dust2 Long Push

Dust2 Long Push

1) The Setup

Player 1 – Smokes Mid, waits outside of Long.

Player 2 – Smokes Long, waits outside.

Player 3 – Waits outside Long.

Player 4 – Waits outside Long.

Player 5 – Watches Mid for CTs on the rotate.


2) The Execution

Player 1 – Flashes over, rushes Pit. Now watches towards CT Spawn.

Player 2 – Flashes towards A Site, rushes Pit. Now watches for picks on Site.

Player 3 – Rushes up Long A, checks car, flashes onto Site, plants for Long.

Player 4 – Rushes up Long A, smokes CT Spawn / Elevator, flashes onto Short A.

Player 5 – Moves up to Green Box, covers Catwalk.


3) The Defence

Player 1 – Covers Long Doors from Pit.

Player 2 – Covers Mid / CT Spawn from Long A.

Player 3 – Covers Short A from Boxes on Site.

Player 4 – Covers Short A from back of Site.

Player 5 – Covers Catwalk / Mid from Green Box.


4) Key Points

  • The Long smoke should be delayed by a few seconds to anticipate pre-nades. The rush that follows the smoke should be delayed until 3 seconds after the smoke has activated, to anticipate counter-nades.
  • The Smoke at Mid should stop Mid players rotating through Short too quickly after CTs call a Long Rush,
  • Keep the player with the bomb on the T side of Long until the rest of the team has Pit control. This is beneficial for two reasons. Firstly, it means that if the rush goes horribly wrong the bomb won’t be left in the CTs hands. Secondly, it means the CTs defending Long won’t spot the bomb, which may mean the CTs keep a player stationed at B, just in case.
  • Once you have Pit, you need to move quickly upto the Site, to get the bomb planted before the CTs can rotate.

Dust2 Catwalk Rush

OK, I am going to use a new format for explaining strats that will be much quicker to write. Unfortunately this means there will be no pictures except for when really necessary.

Dust2 Catwalk Rush

1) The Setup

Player 1 – Goes Upper, smokes out to B, retreats to Lower.

Player 2Smokes Mid, moves up Catwalk.

Player 3 – Follows Player 2 up Catwalk.

Player 4 – Follows Player 2 up Catwalk.

Player 5Smokes Long, retreats to Palm Tree.


2) The Execution

Player 1 – If the other players manage to take control of A Site, this player holds Catwalk from Mid. If  the other players are struggling to get site control, he pushes up Short A to help.

Player 2Flashes Short A, pushes onto site, tries to plant the bomb for Long.

Player 3HE Nades Short A, pushes onto site, smokes off Long.

Player 4HE Nades Short A, pushes onto site, smokes off CT Spawn.

Player 5 – Waits until the rest of the team are executing on Short A, then pushes into Long and tries to get Pit control.


3) The Defence

Player 1 – Covers Catwalk from Mid or Short A from Quad.

Player 2 – Covers Short A from Boxes on Site.

Player 3 – Covers Long from Site.

Player 4 – Covers Mid / CT Spawn.

Player 5 – Covers Long Doors from Pit.


4) Key Points

  • The initial smokes should cause the CTs to hesitate rotating, leaving the bombsite relatively empty.
  • This strat works best when Ts get on the bombsite and get planted quickly. Because the CTs could still have four players left to retake, it is important that the Ts do not bunch up, and to keep a steady stream of flashes and nades going into the chokepoints (Short A / CT Spawn).
  • This is a good strat for pistol rounds because due to the slow fire rate / low ammo count of most pistols, the Ts won’t be punished for grouping up at Short A. However, because everyone needs to buy a smoke grenade, and at least either a flash or a HE, your team won’t be able to afford stronger pistols.


Detailed Inferno Strats (part 2 – T)

Here I will run through a default Inferno strat for the Terrorist side. This strat has positions for all 5 players. I will try and include rough timings for each action, so you can build up a picture of what each player will be doing at a given time in the round.

Player 1 (Banana)


This player will start the round by locking down Banana, so that the CTs cannot push through and disrupt the rest of the team. It is really important that this player is cautious and does not get picked, so get someone sensible and defensive to play here. The player should never really go further up than the car. Once the other Ts have executed on the other bombsite, this player can either lurk in Banana or Mid to catch rotating players (if this is the case he needs to say so, so that the defending Ts know they don’t need to watch Mid / Aps. Or he can wait a few seconds after the bomb plant and then push through the site and try and flank the CTs as they rotate through CT Spawn.

This would be a good position to play from as you have room to fall back, and you can still cover Mid. If most of the Ts were killed taking the bombsite, then this player should fall back to defend the bomb, as if the rest of the Ts get killed he will then be forced to retake the site to stop the defuse.


Player 2 (Window Room)

This position involved a lot of risky work, so give it to your best fragger. This player climbs in through the window of Apartments and clears out the little room, Boiler, and the main Aps hallway.


He will likely only come up against 1 or 2 CTs, but it is crucial that he does not die. This strat works best when you have Apartments control. After he has cleared the Aps, a second Terrorist comes to hold the hallway before Balcony, and this player hold boiler.


This players new role is to flash out of Boiler and push the bombsite with the 2 Ts at Mid and the T at Balcony.

Once the bombsite is secure and the bomb is planted he should get in a good defensive position and wait for the rotating CTs.

Player 3 (Balcony)

This player waits outside of the Apartments until the above player clears them out (he can help out if necessary), then moves forwards ready to dive out of Balcony when the time comes.

A smoke grenade will come in from Mid to make it easier to push down into Pit.

Finally, he will get in a good position to defend the bomb from.


Player 4 (Mid Left)

This player pushes up Mid with another player. Together with the Boiler player and the balcony player there aim is to take the site.

The first step is to throw this smoke to smoke off Pit.

Next hold this position until the other Mid player has flashed Arch and the player in Boiler has flashed Porch.

Then he pushes out and begins to take the site.

Player 5 (Mid Right)

This player pushes Mid as well.

Throw this flash to get anyone at Arch / Cubby.


He will then push round to clear Arch / CT Spawn and Library, before setting up to defend.



Player 2 should have cleared out Aps by 1:00.

Player 3 should be in position to rush by 0:50.

Player 4 should smoke Pit by 0:45

Player 5 should flash Arch around 0:40

Player 2 should flash Porch around 0:40

Player’s 2, 3, 4 & 5 should execute onto the site as soon as these flashes have gone off.

The bomb should be planted by 0:30.

Player 1 should be in a position to catch rotaters by 0:30.

If all goes well you will have 2 – 3 players on site and 1 player lurking at Mid, and you should be able to defend successfully.


The key things (or, where it can and will go wrong) are:

  • The player at Banana getting picked. If the Ts at Mid have to watch behind and infront of them, they will die.
  • The player getting killed after jumping in the window. This strat needs Aps control so you can utilise Boiler and Balcony, without it you can only make half a rush.
  • The players at Mid getting picked when they push.








Detailed Inferno Strats (part 1 – CT)

Previously I have just shown a few positions and good grenade spots for maps, but this will be the first post of many that shows specific strategies for a map.

First I will go through the default positions for the CT team.

B Site (Passive)

Playing far back in the site at New Box.

Peeking at Spindles.

A Site (Passive)

Playing defensively at Porch.

Playing from Graveyard.

A CT playing from Arch.

These passive positions have the benefit of a lot of cover, good angles and positions to fall back to. However, they do not allow the CTs to gather much intel. The Ts could get all the way to Balcony, or all the way up Banana, before the CTs would even know to react. Despite this, I would recommend this kind of setup initially. By combining peeking and flashing and nading your team should be able to disrupt any rushes, killing the opposition at the chokepoint that they are guarding – particularly at Mid and B Site.


B Site (Aggressive)

An aggressive position at Banana.

Playing close at Oranges.

A Site (Aggressive)

Playing close at Mid.

An Aggressive position in Aps.

Playing on the stairs by Boiler / Janitor.

The payoff with these more aggressive / forward positions is that you will now be able to spot a Mid / Aps / Banana rush a lot quicker. However, you also might get picked off, leaving your team vulnerable. Also, since these positions generally put less distance between you and the enemy, on an eco round you are more at risk because the low range damage of the Ts pistols will be more effective.

A good compromise is to have someone spotting either Mid or Banana, possibly with an AWP. I wouldn’t recommend having 2 people spotting, as if they both get picked then you will be in a 3v5, and won’t be able to defend bomb sites very well.

AWP Positions for CT

From here you can get a good guess of where the enemy are.

AWPing from Arch gives you a lot of places to fall back too.

An unusual position for an AWP, and quite at risk if a T gets close enough to rush you in Graveyard, however you do get a good view of Aps. A really good position if you have someone covering you from Site.

Another good position to AWP from. You can fall back and get support from your other team mates.


Now don’t play the same positions every round, else the Ts will get wise. Mix up playing different passive and aggressive positions. On Inferno there are loads of decent positions at both bomb sites. If you like, have a flash / peek setup at bombsite B, where one player calls a rush, the other player is already ready to throw a flash, then both players peek.

The key thing is to make sure you have every position covered, so no one can be surprised or flanked. If one of your team gets picked then you need to adjust your positions. For instance, one man can hold B quite well from Spindles, but holding A with one man is very difficult since the Terrorists can come from 3 different directions. Another thing to remember is to always try and force the enemy into 1v1’s. Clever use of angles, and only peeking round a corner a little bit at a time can achieve this, as can flashes and smokes. If your aim is good enough then you could potentially turn a 5v1 rush into five 1v1’s, and win them all. If your aim is good enough.


In the next part I will go through three basic T strats for de_inferno.











A Few Thoughts On de_inferno

Inferno is a very different map to play as Terrorists. The reason for this is that, excepting the apartments, it is a very open map. With just a couple of good positions the CTs can get intel on two thirds of the map, allowing them to accurately deduce where the Ts are planning to push. Because of this, it is very important for the Ts to play quite aggressive, and to spread out across the map. If they do not have anyone holding the bottom of banana, then the CTs will be able to push down and take control of the entire Mid section of the map, forcing the Ts to either try to retake control, or rely solely on Aps / Boiler for a push.

If the CTs push down Banana, they can easily take control of Mid, reducing the Ts options. Because of this, it is crucial that the Ts do not allow the CTs to push.

If the Ts do not spread out then the CTs will be able to push the locations that are quiet and will be able to deduce where the Ts are, and react accordingly.

These circles represent the likely areas that the Ts could be grouped at. If you can spot any 2 of them, then you can reason where they will be. If you have Apartment control and Mid control, then either they are somewhere weird like T-side Aps, or Alt-Mid, or they are pushing up Banana, so you know to send a rotater or two.

These next images show positions that CTs can quickly get to, and will be able to provide great intel on where the Ts are.

From here a CT can gather intel on Aps, Alt-Mid and the top of Mid.

A CT can quickly take control of the position. Whilst it is not as good for fragging, it does provide a lot more intel than if the same player was sat in Pit.

A CT could play this aggressive position at Mid, and gather intel on quite a lot of the map. If the CTs at Banana are able to see down to the T stairs, then the Ts can only be Alt-Mid or Aps.


So my advice for playing Inferno on the Terrorist side is either:

1) Have a couple of guys Banana, a couple of guys Aps and one guy watching Mid, and just try and get a few picks.

2) Just do very quick rushes either up Banana, Mid or Aps.


You can use smokes to conceal your positions, and then make a slow push onto a bombsite. However, if you leave, for example, Banana unguarded, the CTs at B can easily push down disrupt your execution.