Crosshair Settings

There are a number of legal console commands you can use to adjust your crosshair. I have put the commands, and then in brackets the values you can use (you can use higher/lower values than I have suggested, however you will likely end up with an unusable crosshair).

cl_crosshairsize x (0 – 10)

This command simply changes the lengths/size of the vertical and horizontal lines of the cross hair, use 0 to turn them off.

Crosshair size and thickness at “1”

cl_crosshairdot x (0/1)

This command if set to 1 uses a dot at the center of the crosshair, if set to 0 then it removes the dot.

With crosshair dot

cl_crosshairthickness x (0 – 5)

This command increases the thickness of the dot and the lines of the crosshair.

Increased the thickness

cl_crosshairalpha x (0 – 250)

This command sets the transparency of the crosshair.

With increased transparency

cl_crosshaircolor x (0/1/2/3/4/5/6)

Sets the colour of the crosshair to one of the set colours.


cl_crosshairgap x (-15 – 10)

Sets the gap inbetween the lines of the crosshair

with -15 crosshairgap

And now a couple other examples:

Just a dot, cl_crosshairsize set to 0

With reduced gap and thickness

OK, so go and have a play and come up with a crosshair that you feel comfortable using.


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