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Location Names on Inferno

OK this will simply be a gallery of places on de_inferno. There will undoubtedly be some controversy regarding some place names, but the fact is, that so long as you and your team all know what you are talking about, then it really doesn’t matter what names you have for the features of the map.



Crosshair Settings

There are a number of legal console commands you can use to adjust your crosshair. I have put the commands, and then in brackets the values you can use (you can use higher/lower values than I have suggested, however you will likely end up with an unusable crosshair).

cl_crosshairsize x (0 – 10)

This command simply changes the lengths/size of the vertical and horizontal lines of the cross hair, use 0 to turn them off.

Crosshair size and thickness at “1”

cl_crosshairdot x (0/1)

This command if set to 1 uses a dot at the center of the crosshair, if set to 0 then it removes the dot.

With crosshair dot

cl_crosshairthickness x (0 – 5)

This command increases the thickness of the dot and the lines of the crosshair.

Increased the thickness

cl_crosshairalpha x (0 – 250)

This command sets the transparency of the crosshair.

With increased transparency

cl_crosshaircolor x (0/1/2/3/4/5/6)

Sets the colour of the crosshair to one of the set colours.


cl_crosshairgap x (-15 – 10)

Sets the gap inbetween the lines of the crosshair

with -15 crosshairgap

And now a couple other examples:

Just a dot, cl_crosshairsize set to 0

With reduced gap and thickness

OK, so go and have a play and come up with a crosshair that you feel comfortable using.

Dust2 Smoke Grenade Spots

OK, here I will use screenshots to go through some simple smokes your team can throw on Dust2, with the aim of attacking/defending/retaking bombsites. Most of these smokes work by eliminating certain areas of the map/bombsite, which makes it easier to get into 1v1’s when pushing into a site. Smokes are also great for delaying a rush, giving your team mates more time to rotate, and giving yourself more time to get into a decent position.

I have tried to make it obvious how to position your crosshair and body to make these throws. The best advice I can give is to create an empty server and use “sv_cheats 1”, and “give weapon_smokegrenade” and practice for yourself.

This is intended to be a basic lesson for teams just getting started, if you have played enough matches already you will likely have your own smoke positions worked out, and your own strats that revolve around common-sense use of smokes. This is intended to be a resource for teams that haven’t played much together, with the aim of getting all the players on the same page, so that strats  can be called a lot more fluidly, and matches won more easily.

We’ll begin with Terrorist Attacking Smokes:

Long A

To quickly smoke outside the double doors at Long A, stand just infront of the telegraph pole at T-spawn, and align yourself as shown. This smoke will cover you as you rush Long, allowing you to get into Pit without being picked by a CT player watching double doors from the corner.

Stand infront of the pole and line up the crosshair with the far streetlight and the outside of the door on the left.

If timed right, you should be able to throw the smoke, continue running, and by the time you exit double doors it should look like this:

T Side Long Smoke, Result

From here you should be able to get into pit without getting picked off from any CT’s at the corner.

Bombsite B

There are a number of smokes you can throw when pushing B to conceal your position from the defending CT’s.

First up you can smoke the back box on platform:

Stand at the beginning of this section of tunnel, and aim just below the top of the arch.

This is a little risky as the smoke thrower could easily get picked whilst setting up the smoke, and if the T’s were rushing, they would have to hold back for a few seconds for this smoke to activate. Once it does activate it will completely cover any player who is peeking from the back of the platform.

T Attack B Platform Far, Result

Another option is to smoke infront of the entire platform, and although this covers any CT’s sitting far or close on the platform, it does mean that once the T’s push round onto the bombsite will be visible for any CT’s at those back boxes.

Again, stand at the entrance to this section, this time aiming directly down the middle, and about a third down from the top of the arch (where the walls curve inwards).

And the result:

T Attack B Platform Close, Result

Finally, the T’s can smoke the double doors / site boxes and push onto the platform themselves:

Stand at the entrance and flush against the left wall, aim parallel to the curves on the arch.

And the result looks like this:

T Attack B Site, Result

Smokes alone won’t be enough to take this site, although using one or two to cleverly eliminate a few of the crucial check spots will make your execution a lot smoother. A couple of flashes directly into the site, and a HE grenade thrown to land just outside of tunnels (to check for anyone playing up close) should make the push a lot easier.

Short A / Mid

Probably the most used smoke for T’s on this map is the big box smoke at Mid. This smoke will cover any movement along catwalk. To make this happen simply throw a smoke grenade to land right on the box.

Get the smoke to land on the box at Mid.

From here there are a couple of options. You could work your way to A, or you could make a push for Mid, and then head to B. From this position you can easily smoke off CT-Spawn, making a B push a lot easier.

Aim for the window on the middle blue wall-section.

And this will cut off CT-Spawn:

T Smoke CT Spawn From Catwalk, Result

If you haven’t smoked catwalk, then you can still cut off CT-Spawn by throwing a smoke from Mid, just aim slightly to the left of the window we used to line up the last shot:

Stand just infront of the box and aim slightly to the left of the same window.

T Smoke CT Spawn From Mid, Result

From here you can push into Mid, where there are a couple of sweet smoke spots which make entering B-site a lot less risky; however, these positions are essentially the same as you would use as a CT to retake the site, so I will show them when going through the CT section.

One smoke you can throw once you control the bombsite is this one:

Line up the crosshair with the door handle, and throw just off the corner of the wall.

If you have two or more guys defending the site this is a great strat as you can then have one guy spotting at double doors, and another guy (who will be hidden by the smoke) nading/flashing/spamming from the window on B-site. Once the smoke has released, to the CT’s it will look like this:

T Defend B Middle, Result

Now we will have a look at some CT Defending / Retaking smokes.

Bombsite B

The CT’s can throw this smoke to either slow down or deter a T tunnel rush:

Stand right up against the box and aim for the wall, where the pattern begins about 7/8ths up.

CT Defend B Tunnels, Result

This same spot can be used by T’s defending the site, to stop retaking CT’s getting picks from tunnels.

Long A

If the CT’s are pushed out of Long A then they can throw this smoke which will either force the T’s to hang back until it clears (so they can get picks on site), or make them rush through the smoke, which, if you are well positioned, should yield you one or two entry kills.

Aim just above the lip on the wall.

CT A Defending Smoke Long Close, Result

As you can see, this smoke leaves the T’s no place to take cover: they either wait behind the smoke, or rush onto A-site.

Retaking B

Now I will show you a couple easy smokes to help out either a Terrorist team attacking B from Mid; or a Counter Terrorist team retaking bombsite B after a plant.

First up, these smokes are both thrown from the same position, on these bricks outside the bombsite:

Stand in the center of these bricks.

From here, to smoke out the car throw it like this:

Position the crosshair just above and to the right of the tallest dome.

CT B Retake Smoke Car, Result

And for smoking off the tunnels, like this (obviously you cannot carry two smokes, so you will have to get a team mate to throw one, if you want to smoke both places):

Simply line up your shot with the arrow on the wall, aim just slightly higher than the wall.

CT B Retake Smoke Tunnels, Result

So now all you have to worry about it killing any defenders on the actual site, or on the platform. From there you can get in a good position to kill anyone pushing from tunnels, or hiding in the cubby hole at car.

Retaking A

Finally I will show you some good smokes to aid a retaking of A-site. This first one is pretty similar to the previous Long smoke, however, it can be thrown from CT-spawn, which is a much safer place to be if they have control of the site.

Aim just to the left of the green sign on the wall.

CT A Retake Smoke Long, Result

If you couple this smoke, with the next one, which will smoke off short A, then retaking A site will be a whole lot easier.

Throw it at a slight angle so that it doesn’t bounce back onto Elevator.

And this will look like:

CT A Retake Smoke Short, Result

Again, you will need two players each with smokes to achieve both of these. If you are in a clutch situation it might be better to push up catwalk and smoke off Long from there.

Thanks for reading, if you have any suggestions just leave a comment.